High-quality services that exceed your expectations every time!


Swedish, English, Greek, Serbian

Professional translations in Swedish, English, Greek and Serbian. 
Always delivered according to deadline. 

You can receive sample translations to make sure the result meets your expectations.


With an eye for details

Proofreading documents, protocols, letters, websites, books, etc,
in any category and size.
Unlimited amount of revisions. 


Online learning

Onboarding analogue material converted to eLearning.
Instructional videos.
Educational videos.
Video presentations.
And more…

Data Entry

Precise and meticulous data entry

Data entry in  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Websites, etc.
Data entry in your company’s data bases and systems.
Custom made data entry according to your specifications.

Document Formatting & Updating

Accurate and fast formatting & updating

Edit and format your Word document.
Create your Word document from scratch.
Typing Scanned Documents.
Convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF.
And more…


Professional PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations according to your company’s templates. Presentations made completely from scratch.
Custom made presentations.
And more…


Being confident, experienced and knowledgeable in your area of expertise means being professional. Saperr Online's passion and drive is to offer the market unique solutions that are innovative, practical and timely.


With a passionate commitment and responsiveness to each Customer, Saperr Online carries out each case with great care, responsibility and with the ambition that the Customer receives a high level of service and feels secure.

High Quality

Creating and contributing to a harmonious and stress free environment always starts with you. Saperr Online offers quality services that simplify your daily life in this regard. This in turn generates both sustainability and added value for your company and the community.


Read what others have to say...

For me personally, a lot of work is facilitated just in having an available team player, only when needed, who completely remotely and quickly, in accordance with set and agreed deadlines, smoothly, thoroughly, efficiently, and easily performs admin, proofs, document reviews and if needed also makes suggestions and implements improvements to submitted profile material for review regarding layouts and proofreading. For those who would like to economically maintain ongoing tasks and also get relief in case of work stoppages or unplanned events to instead continue to focus on a greater extent with business development, I can highly recommend Saperr Online's services.
Ljiljana and I worked a lot together at Mannheimer Swartling. Throughout, Ljiljana solved all tasks above expectations, took her own initiative where necessary and we had a constructive dialogue to find the best solution together. She is as competent, efficient and easy to work with as she is pleasant and social.
During her time as an administrative assistant at BMS, Ljiljana Djeric demonstrated exceptional cooperative behaviour and an energetic attitude. She seamlessly merged her theoretical understanding with practical application in accordance with the company's policies, which she grasped with ease. I wholeheartedly recommend Ljiljana for her unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results in any role she takes on.


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Focus on your business

Let Saperr Online take care of your administrative tasks so you and your team can focus on what you do best!